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Step 6: Remove Dust and Bubbles

Separate installation steps

Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial Step 1-6

Step 1: Clean your screen

Step 2: Attach the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 3: Scroll back the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 4: Expose and Align the Screen Protector

Step 5: Attach the Protector, Remove dust isolation sheet, Check Alignment

Step 4&5: Align the Screen Protector; Install the Protector and Check Alignment

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This is a Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial from Green Onions Supply

Step 6: Remove Dust and Bubbles

For this step, you need the tablet with its installed screen protector, the micro-fiber cloth, and cellophane tape

To remove bubbles, simply use the micro-fiber cloth to push them out towards the nearest edge of the screen. If you find bubbles that cannot be removed, they are most often caused by dust or fibers that are trapped underneath the protector, which can be removed easily.

To demonstrate this, we added some dust under the protector, as our installation did not have any dust issues. This will create bubbles which cannot be removed, because they have bits of dust stuck inside, and other fibers are trapped in the area.

To remove dust from underneath the protector, you will again need to work in a bright environment and use a lamp or flashlight to check for dust. Grab your cellophane tape and micro-fiber cloth, as well.

Firmly attach a piece of tape on the corner of the screen protector near the dust, with enough tape unattached to form a tab you can grab.

Then, take another piece of tape. You will be using the sticky side of this piece of tape to remove the dust from the glue of the screen protector.

Most normal cellophane packing tapes are acceptable, and should be strong enough to grab dust off the protector but mild enough not to stick too much.

If your tape is rigid enough, you can use the "U" method depicted here, with your thumb and forefinger sticking to the tape and forming an outward U, with the sticky side facing outwards.

If this doesn't work well with your tape, use a ring method, where you wrap your forefinger or two fingers with a piece of tape, forming a ring with the sticky side facing outwards.

Now, use the corner tab of tape tape to gently lift the Protector partially off of the screen, exposing the area with dust stuck underneath.

Then, lightly dab the protector with the piece of tape to remove the dust. We recommend using the "bouncing and pinching method" you see here.

Spread your fingers to increase surface area as you attach, and pinch your fingers together as you pull the tape away.

You can allow the Protector to reattach and check for more dust. Make sure the dust and fibers you see are not simply on top of the protector.

Repeat the process and checking and cleaning until you are satisfied by the lack of dust. Move to other corners if you find dust near them.

Then, remove all air bubbles, peel off the tab of tape, and your installation is complete!

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