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Step 5: Attach the Protector, Remove dust isolation sheet, Check Alignment

Separate installation steps

Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial Step 1-6

Step 1: Clean your screen

Step 2: Attach the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 3: Scroll back the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 4: Expose and Align the Screen Protector

Step 4&5: Align the Screen Protector; Install the Protector and Check Alignment

Step 6: Remove Dust and Bubbles

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This is a Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial from Green Onions Supply

Step 5: Attach the Protector, Remove the Dust Isolation Sheet, and Check Alignment.

This step requires the partially installed screen protector you had at the end of step 4 (with a scrolled back dust isolation sheet).

Now that your edge is aligned, scroll back the dust isolation sheet to give you more space on the screen.

Then, expose more of the screen protector by removing more of its backing. Allow the protector to further attach to the newly exposed area of the screen.

Continue to alternate between exposing more screen by rolling back the dust isolation sheet, and installing more of the screen protector in the exposed areas. (This method helps minimize exposure to airborne dust.)

When you get to the end of the screen, you can take off the dust isolation sheet entirely, and fully remove the backing to allow full attachment of the protector.

At this point, you can save the dust isolation sheet: unroll it, and stick it to the waxy side of its paper backing.

Now, check the alignment of your protector, especially along the edges, corners, and any camera or button cutouts.

If it's misaligned, you will need a piece of cellophane tape. Attach it to the corner of the protector. Use the tape as a tab to lift the protector gently off of the screen

Then, align and attach it again. Don't worry too much about not touching the glue: as long as your hands are clean, you shouldn't leave obvious marks

Once reattached, check the alignment. Repeat the removal and attachment until you are satisfied.

Finally, hold the protector and slowly and firmly peel off the tape.

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