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Step 2: Attach the Dust Isolation Sheet

Separate installation steps

Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial Step 1-6

Step 1: Clean your screen

Step 3: Scroll back the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 4: Expose and Align the Screen Protector

Step 5: Attach the Protector, Remove dust isolation sheet, Check Alignment

Step 4&5: Align the Screen Protector; Install the Protector and Check Alignment

Step 6: Remove Dust and Bubbles

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This is a Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial from Green Onions Supply

Step 2: Attach the Dust Isolation Sheet

This step will require your tablet screen and the dust isolation sheet.

Remove the clear dust isolation sheet from its yellow paper backing.

You can set this backing aside for future use.

Now, lay the dust isolation sheet down onto the screen, with the sticky side touching the screen and covering it completely.

Push any larger bubbles that form towards the edge of the screen to remove them.

The Dust isolation sheet performs two purposes. It removes dust from your screen that your cleaning may have missed, and it also isolates your screen from airborne dust until you are ready to attach the screen protector.

Next, Step 3: Scroll Back the Dust Isolation Sheet.

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