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Step 1: Clean your screen

Separate installation steps

Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial Step 1-6

Step 2: Attach the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 3: Scroll back the Dust Isolation Sheet

Step 4: Expose and Align the Screen Protector

Step 5: Attach the Protector, Remove dust isolation sheet, Check Alignment

Step 4&5: Align the Screen Protector; Install the Protector and Check Alignment

Step 6: Remove Dust and Bubbles

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This is a Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial from Green Onions Supply.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Screen

The materials you will need for this step are your tablet screen, the micro-fiber cloth included in your package, as well as either clean water or a screen cleaning solution.

Place your tablet screen in a well lit environment for installation, preferably without dust. Then, use a lamp or flashlight to help you find and clean the dirty areas of your screen.

Now, take the microfiber cloth from its packaging and wet one side of it using water or your screen cleaning solution. Use this damp portion to clean the screen of all smudges and stains.

Then, fold to the dry portion, and use it to dry the screen and remove any streaking or dust that you find.

Finally, check under your light source for any more streaking. Repeat the cleaning as necessary until your screen is completely clean.

You can generally ignore smaller bits of dust that may settle after your first cleaning, but make sure all stains and smudges are gone.

Next, Step 2: Attaching the Dust Isolation Sheet.

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