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Smartphone Screen Protector Installation Instructions

Quick Installation, demoed with the iPhone 6

Quick Installation, demoed with the iPhone 5

Quick Installation using Scroll Method, demoed with the iPhone 5

In-depth Installation and Trouble Shooting, demoed with the iPhone 4S

Video Text description

These are official Green Onions Supply instructional videos for installing our Screen Protectors for iPhone and other smartphones. Please watch in HD if you would like higher quality.

The first three videos are quick installation guides, with the first using the simplest descriptions possible. The fourth provides a more in-depth trouble-shooting guide at the end to help deal with bubbles or other issues that sometimes come up. The protectors used in the video are for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S respectively. However, the techniques in the video can be used with little modification for many of our Screen Protectors for smartphones and other mobile devices.

We recommend watching once to get an overall idea of the actions required, then re-watch while installing, while you pause between steps for more guided, specific instructions.

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