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Glossy Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1     RT-SPBGT201AF

  • Enhance your Galaxy Tab screen with a fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Maintains a vibrant and vivid glossy finish
  • Protects from scratches and smudges
  • Slim film fully compatible with the touch-screen
  • Removable, reusable, and residue-free
Glossy Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Protection from scratches and enhanced fingerprint resistance for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen.

$20.00   Qty
  • Glossy Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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This is a Glossy Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This special coating is the latest in Screen Protector types from Green Onions Supply: It maintains the bright and vibrant look of the Galaxy Tab screen while adding protection and fingerprint resistance. It covers the screen and surrounding bezel, and measures 251.48 x 170.28 mm or 9.9 by 6.7 inches.

The Protector resists scratches and scuffs to help defend your screen. It also adds a highly effective fingerprint-resistant finish that strongly resists the appearance and attachment of fingerprints or smudges. Smudges and prints are almost invisible at most angles, which makes this protector a perfect fit for tablet touch-screen use. It also perfectly maintains the vibrant clarity of the tablet's clear finish.

The Protector uses silicone glue for a secure, residue-free attachment, and it can be easily removed and reapplied if necessary. The Screen Protector is very slim, so it is fully compatible with the capacitive touch-screen. The package also includes a high-quality micro-fiber cloth for cleaning, and a dust isolation sheet to help aid installation. For an in-depth installation tutorial, please see our video tutorial linked below.

Anti-Fingerprint Transformation

Anti-Fingerprint Transformation:
Enhance your Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen with a high performance anti-fingerprint coating that makes fingerprints and smudges nearly invisible. The finish also maintains a vibrant and crystal-clear appearance to maximize clarity.

Screen Protection

Screen Protection:
The Protector adds scratch and abrasion resistance to the tablet's screen and its surrounding bezel.


The ultra-slim Protector is fully compatible with the Galaxy Tab's capacitive touch-screen, as well as many cases and accessories.

Installation Tools

Installation Tools:
Includes a dust isolation sheet to aid installation and a high quality micro-fiber cloth for screen cleaning. Please view our in-depth video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide through installing your Screen Protector.

More Information

- One Glossy Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (251.48 x 170.28 mm or 9.9 by 6.7 inches)
- One dust-isolation sheet
- One high quality micro-fiber cloth

Please view our Tablet Screen Protector installation tutorial here:
Tablet Screen Protector Installation Tutorial

Cleaning recommendations:
Use a screen cleaning solution that is not alcohol based, or simply use clean water and the included micro-fiber cloth to wipe your screen.
If you see dust underneath your screen protector after installation, please view this tutorial for some general tips:
Fixing bubble issues with your installed Screen Protector

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