iVeil Hybrid Keyboard Protector for Apple Macbook Pro (13-inch and 15-inch models with Retina Display)

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· Silky-smooth hybrid coating for superior texture

· Ultra-thin silicone maintains keyboard sensitivity

· Beautifully molded to every key

· Provides protection from spills and debris

· Allows for much simpler cleaning

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Protection and increased cleanliness for your 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, while maintaining great sensitivity, beauty, and texture.

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Product Description

This is an iVeil Hybrid Keyboard Protector for Apple Macbook Pro. It fits all US layout Apple Macbook Pros (13-inch and 15-inch models with Retina Display).

This Protector is a synergy of silicone with a soft-touch top coating which provides the best of both worlds: silicone provides a durable base that grips the keys easily, while the specialized coating provides a far superior texture to that of silicone alone.

Even with this combination of materials, the iVeil Hybrid is just as thin as our other custom-molded protectors: less than 0.25 mm thick. This results in functional protection that never interferes with typing and enables very quick and easy cleanups. The custom molded styling and high transparency also looks particularly excellent on MacBook Pro backlit keyboards.

– One iVeil Hybrid Keyboard Protector

Installation is simple: line the protector up with the keys beneath.

Cleaning recommendations:
Remove the protector first, then wash it with soap and water in the sink or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. Be sure it is fully dried before reattaching it to your laptop.

· Hybrid Construction.

The best materials for the job.

The synergy of silicone and other materials creates the ultimate keyboard protector. The silicone foundation provides excellent durability and securely grips the keyboard, while a specialized upper coating provides a smooth and comfortable typing texture.


· Amazing Thinness.

Fully functional protection.

The protector is less than 0.25 mm thick and made of a soft and flexible silicone, which allows users to easily type through the protector with essentially no loss in accuracy or overall key feel. It is far thinner than almost any other custom molded keyboard protector, which means less keystroke resistance and superior responsiveness.


· Beautiful coverage.

Custom molding keeps the protection invisible until you need it.

The subtle design, precision custom molding, and high transparency are very easy on the eyes, preserving the excellent styling of your Apple keyboard.


· Protection and simplified cleaning.

Daily protection from accumulated grime and accidental spills.

The iVeil Keyboard Protector provides keyboard protection from spills, dirt, crumbs, bacteria, and other common contaminants. It also keeps the constant grime of dead skin cells, hair, and dust out of your laptop’s keyboard. The Protector is also quickly removable for cleaning, which allows for quick sterilization or cleanup.

Additional Information

Weight.45 lbs
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Apple, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

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Laptop, Keyboard

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Keyboard Protector, Custom Molded Hybrid

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11 to 14 inch, 14 to 16 inch, 16 to 17 inch