Glossy Screen Protector for 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro (Unibody models, 2008 – 2015)


· Glossy, crystal-clear finish

· Protection from scratches and smudges

· Slim film is smooth-textured and 100% touch-optimized

· Removable, reusable, and residue-free

Note: The screen protector covers the glass screen and its surrounding glass bezel, with a cutout for the front-facing web camera.

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Clear protection from scratches for your MacBook Pro screen.

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Product Description

This is a Glossy Screen Protector for 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro (2008-2015 unibody models). It protects from scratches and scuffs and covers your screen and its surrounding glass bezel. The Protector has a sharp and vibrant glossy finish that complements your screen perfectly and provides maximum clarity.

The Protector uses silicone glue for a secure, residue free attachment, and it can be easily removed and reapplied if necessary. Besides the screen protector, we have also included a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and a dust isolation sheet to help prepare your screen for installation. In-depth video tutorials are available on this site to walk you through installation and trouble-shooting. The Screen Protector is very slim, so it is fully compatible with many cases and accessories for your laptop, and allows your laptop to close correctly.

– One Glossy Screen Protector
– One dust isolation sheet
– One micro-fiber cleaning cloth

MacBook Pro is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Crystal clear glossy finishCrystal Clear Glossy Finish.

A vibrant, clear protector.

This glossy-finish Screen Protector is sharp and vibrant, with minimized distortion and diffraction. It transforms any matte screen into a glossy finish, or maintains the glossy finish of a glossy screen, and it adds protection to any screen.


Advanced Screen ProtectionAdvanced Screen Protection.

Defends your screen from nicks and scuffs.

The Protector’s hard-coating provides a tough barrier between your screen and potential scratches and scrapes. After all, it’s much easier to switch out a damaged screen protector than to replace a damaged screen.


Simple installationSimple installation.

A video tutorial makes installation a breeze.

With our in-depth and thorough installation tutorial, you can easily get your Protector quickly installed, even if you lack any prior experience. The glue is reusable and residue-free, so nearly every issue with your installation can be solved with a bit of knowledge from the video and some cellophane tape.


Thin and compatibleUltra-thin compatibility.

Plays well with others.

The ultra-slim profile of the screen protector provides perfect compatibility with touchscreens. The protector is also slim enough that it fits easily into a closed laptop and is compatible with many cases and accessories for your laptop.


Additional Information

Weight.82 lbs
Manufacturer Brand

Apple, MacBook Pro

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Product type

Screen Protector, Crystal/Glossy

Diagonal Screen Size

11 to 14 inch