Crystal Oleophobic 9H Screen Shield for Apple iPhone 6s
curved_glass_outlineCrystal Oleophobic 9H Screen Shield for Apple iPhone 6s

Crystal Oleophobic 9H Screen Shield for Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 (4.7-inch screen, One-pack)


· 9H* Scratch Protection: protects against scratches and scrapes

· Shatterproof material: tougher against impacts than glass covers, will not chip or shatter

· Premium oleophobic coat: provides ultra smooth texture that is fingerprint resistant and easy to clean

· Crystal finish: is vibrant and greatly resists distortion caused by smudges

· 0.2 mm thickness: provides superior sensitivity to glass covers; Shields are easy to install and reusable for added convenience

· Removable, reusable, and residue-free

Note: The Screen Shield covers the flat area of the screen, and will leave a gap for the curved edges of the screen

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Ultimate protection from impacts, scratches, and smudges for your iPhone 6S's 4.7-inch screen.

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Product Description

This is the Crystal Oleophobic 9H Screen Shield for Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 (4.7-inch screen, 1-pack). The 9H Screen Shield is an impact-resistant screen protector with an amazing Oleophobic finish, and acts as a superior alternative to standard tempered glass covers or polyurethane skin shields.

The Screen Shields have boosted 9H hardness scratch protection, which provides great protection for everyday scratches and scrapes. At the same time, the ultra-clear polymer material does not shatter, chip, or fracture like tempered glass does. This means the Screen Shield will easily survive smaller impacts without a mark, while the similar impacts would easily chip or fracture a tempered glass protector and leave the screen cracked and dangerous. Even in big, screen shattering drops, the Screen Shield can greatly boost the survival of your screen compared to tempered glass, and without leaving extra glass to cut or scratch you.

This Screen Shield also comes with a Crystal Oleophobic coating. This means it resists oil and fingerprints greatly and provides an extremely smooth and firm touch texture, which is great for touchscreen use. Any oil that does remain is easily cleaned off thanks to the oil-repellent nature of the coating. The Crystal finish is beautiful, perfectly complement your screen with its transparency and clarity, and the oleophobic coating helps cut any distortion caused by fingerprints and smudges.

Finally, the Screen Shield is thinner and more touch-compatible than any tempered glass cover at 0.2 mm thick, and it’s flexible and reusable, which means its far more convenient to install as well.

– One Crystal Oleophobic Screen Shield
– One dust isolation sheet
– Two micro-fiber cleaning pads

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Superior Screen ProtectionSuperior Screen Protection.

Defends your screen from impacts, nicks, and scuffs.

The Shield’s hard-coating is rated at 9H, which protects your screen from everyday scratches and scrapes. It also has a layered impact protection structure made of advanced polymers, which helps diffuse impacts far better than any tempered glass cover.

In our steel ball drop tests, the Screen Shield easily survived far higher drops than a tempered glass protector, and with far less damage to the Shield. Impacts that cracked and shattered the glass protectors are brushed off easily, and even when the glass finally broke under the protector, the Shield remained only slightly dented and helped keep glass shards from flying out.


Oleophobic TransformationEnhanced Oleophobic Coating.

Keep prints off of your screen.

Our enhanced anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating repels oil and fights off fingerprints. This true oleophobic coating causes facial oil to bead up and wipe off easily on your shirt or in your pocket. Fingerprints and smudges are also less visible and produce little to no screen distortion. This is a great finish to protect your smartphone without sacrificing its inherent anti-fingerprint surface properties, or to add to a phone which has a worn down oleophobic coating.


Crystal clear finishCrystal Clear Finish.

A vibrant protector for a beautiful screen.

This crystal finished Screen Shield is sharp and vibrant, with minimized distortion and diffraction. The stunningly beautifully upgraded transparency and reduced smudges perfectly complement the latest high-resolution HD displays, and the Protector provides superior clarity and image quality.


Simple installationSimple installation.

A video tutorial makes installation a breeze.

With our in-depth and thorough installation tutorial, you can easily get your Shield quickly installed, even if you lack any prior experience. The glue is reusable and residue-free, so nearly every issue with your installation can be solved with a bit of knowledge from the video and some cellophane tape.


Thin and compatibleUltra-thin compatibility.

Plays well with others.

The slim profile of the Screen Shield provides 100% compatibility with the multi-touch functions of your screen, while its oleophobic coat gives it a silky smooth touch texture. It’s also slim enough that it is compatible with many cases and accessories for your smartphone.


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