PRINT Blue Light Universal 17-19" Computer SP
PRINT Blue Light Universal 17-19″ Computer SP

Crystal Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector with EyeComfort filter for 23.6 inch LCD monitors (16:9 HD ratio Widescreen)


· Vibrant & functional crystal anti-fingerprint finish

· Cuts up to 40% of harmful blue light

· Maintains excellent clarity and color balance

· Enhanced protection from scratches and smudges

· Slim film is 100% touch-optimized

· Removable, reusable, and residue-free

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Protection from smudges and scratches while reducing blue light from your screen.

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Product Description

This is a Crystal Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector with EyeComfort filter for 23.6-inch LCD monitors (16:9 HD ratio widescreens). The protector’s EyeComfort filter reduces up to 40% of the most harmful blue light, and maintains a crystal clear finish for your screen. It transforms any screen it is installed on into its blue-reducing crystal finish.

Blue light is the portion of the visible light spectrum that most causes eyestrain, and is also one of the most intense portions of the LCD display’s color spectrum. Blue light also harms sleep quality when your eyes are exposed before sleep. EyeComfort filters are tuned to reduce daily blue light exposure while maintaining an excellent color balance: they only add a slight yellow tint to the screen. This means you can use the filter all day and night without severely disrupting or distorting the color balance of your screen, and still benefit from the reduction in blue light.

EyeComfort Crystal protectors also have an anti-fingerprint coating that resists and reduces the appearance of fingerprints and smudges on the screen. The Protector has a sharp and vibrant crystal finish that complements your screen perfectly and provides maximum clarity.

The Protector uses silicone glue for a secure, residue free attachment, and it can be easily removed and reapplied if necessary. Besides the screen protector, we have also included a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and a dust isolation sheet to help prepare your screen for installation. In-depth video tutorials are available on this site to walk you through installation and trouble-shooting. The Screen Protector is very slim, so it is touch compatible with many touchscreens and fits onto your screen without added bulk.


– One Crystal Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector with EyeComfort Filter
– One dust isolation sheet
– One micro-fiber cleaning cloth

– Note: The title protector size refers to diagonal screen size of the screen the protector is sized for. Protectors are sized slightly smaller than the screen they are designed to fit within.
– 520 mm x 291.5 mm

Blue-blocking filterEyeComfort Anti-Blue-Light Filter.

More snooze, less blues.

Our EyeComfort Filter reduces blue light emitted by your screen to help reduce your daily (and nightly) exposure. Blue light is a major culprit in causing eye-strain and interrupting sleep cycles, and is also associated with eye disease and eye damage in the young and elderly. As such, reducing your exposure may help your eyes stay comfortable, safe, and unstrained over long-term screen use. This is a great finish to protect your display for use at day or night.


Crystal clear finishCrystal Clear Anti-Fingerprint Finish.

A vibrant protector for a beautiful screen.

This crystal finished Screen Protector is sharp and vibrant, with minimized distortion and diffraction. It also provides an anti-fingerprint functionality, and greatly reduces the appearance of smudges and fingerprints on your screen.


Advanced Screen ProtectionAdvanced Screen Protection.

Defends your screen from nicks and scuffs.

The Protector’s hard-coating has been strengthened to provide an even tougher barrier between your screen and potential scratches and scrapes. After all, it’s much easier to switch out a damaged screen protector than to replace a damaged screen.


Simple installationSimple installation.

A video tutorial makes installation a breeze.

With our in-depth and thorough installation tutorial, you can easily get your Protector quickly installed, even if you lack any prior experience. The glue is reusable and residue-free, so nearly every issue with your installation can be solved with a bit of knowledge from the video and some cellophane tape.


Thin and compatibleUltra-thin compatibility.

Plays well with others.

The ultra-slim profile of the screen protector provides perfect compatibility with most touchscreens. The protector is also slim enough that it adds no extra bulk to your LCD screen.


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Screen Protector, EyeComfort (anti-blue-light), Crystal/Glossy, Crystal Anti-Fingerprint

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18+ inch or larger