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Universal Screen Protector Glossy

Price: $11.99



Keep your mobile devices scratch-free with a AG2 Anti-Glare Universal Screen Protector! The Universal Screen Protector is a hard-coated PET film that attaches to any flat LCD screen with silicone glue. This provides close-fitting protection from scratches and abrasions. It also includes a special anti-glare coating, reducing unsightly reflections in bright lighting conditions. The Universal Screen Protector is sized to fit screens up to 5” diagonal, and includes convenient grid printed backing. This grid printing allows you to cut the Screen Protector to the correct size quickly and easily, and also includes popular screen sizes pre-printed on the grid to make the process even easier. It’s perfect for protecting the screen of your camcorder, digital camera, GPS device, cell phone, portable game system, or other electronic devices.

            -Universal fit: fits screens up to 5” diagonal. Perfect for all sorts of mobile devices, including cameras, camcorders, GPS systems, cell phones, game systems, graphing calculators, and other mobile electronics.
            -Scratch-resistance in a slim package: The hard-coated PET film hugs your screen closely, so it won’t get in the way of closing a cell phone or using a touch screen, but will protect it from scratches.
            -Anti-glare coating: The matte anti-glare coating gives your screen better contrast and clarity in bright or inconsistent lighting conditions.

Package contains: One AG2 anti-glare screen protector with grid printing. One squeezed card and One micro fiber


Universal Screen Protector Package included

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