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Anti-glare screen protector 13.3"

Price: $34.95




Glossy Screen Protector for Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch

Glossy Screen Protectors provide scratch protection and add a glossy sheen to your matte screen. If you already have a high-gloss screen, you can still benefit from the scratch resistance that these Screen Protectors offer, all without changing the reflective properties of your screen! Other filters and screen protectors can be bulky and cumbersome, but this hard-coated PET film hugs your screen with silicone glue; it won’t interfere with opening or closing your laptop. The only things you’ll notice will be your screen’s increased brightness and the absence of scratches!

-Glossy coating gives your normal screen a shiny makeover, or maintains its glossiness while adding protection!
-Hard-coat PET film with silicone glue hugs your screen, giving it scratch protection without any increase in bulkiness. Your laptop screen will be protected without decreased functionality.
-Includes a micro-fiber cleaning cloth for preparing your screen for installation.

Compatibility Notice:
This Protector is designed to cover the glass and black bezel of the stock glossy MacBook Pro. It will NOT work with the Anti-Glare MacBook Pro Screens with aluminum bezels or the MacBook Pro with Retina Display without do-it-yourself trimming; please see below for other pre-cut screen protector sizes that should work with those types of MacBook Pro displays.

If you need a screen protector to fit the Anti-Glare MacBook Pro 15-inch, or for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display (note: will only cover screen area of the Retina Display, not the surrounding glass bezel), you might want to consider these items:
AG2 Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 15.4" LCD/Laptop 16:10 Widescreen
Glossy Screen Protector for 15.4" LCD/Laptop 16:10 Widescreen

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