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Silicone Keyboard Protector for Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Price: $27.99



KBS05       Apple Keyboard

The Silicone Keyboard Protector is a premium keyboard cover for the USB Apple Keyboard with Numeric keypad. Every key is sheathed in silicone, keeping out dirt, spills, bacteria, and other contaminants. This protection also makes cleaning your keyboard much simpler: just remove, wash, and dry the Protector before replacing it! Our environmentally friendly silicone is precision molded to an ultra-thin 0.25 mm on the keys, half the thickness of some of our competitors. This provides transparent protection and an excellent typing experience, eliminating the sticky feel of older and thicker keyboard covers.

-Provides keyboard protection from spills, dirt, crumbs, bacteria, and other common contaminants.
-Ultra-thin silicone is environmentally friendly, providing a transparent and flexible defense that's very comfortable to type through. At only 0.25 mm thick,  it's less than half the thickness of some of our competitor's silicone covers.
-Installation is as easy as laying the Protector over the keys.
-Clean up is simple: just wash it with water and detergent or wipe it with an alcohol swab, and once it's dry, it's ready to go again.

-After washing your Protector, make sure to dry it before placing it back on the Keyboard. Property damage or personal injury may result otherwise.

-One Silicone Keyboard Protector for the Apple Keyboard (USB with Numeric Keypad)











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